Gay Dad And Son Story 4

Gay Dad And Son Story 4

Gay Dad And Son Story 4

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Gay Dad And Son Story 4 – We fell asleep as soon as I screw to Jimmy. At one point in the evening when I spooned it. I woke up and I felt my semen coming out of the hole. I fingered his juicy ass and rubbed my cum on the hardening of my cock. I pressed my knob head into the wet cunt, gently added more pressure until my knob started to go inside. I kept pressing until I was inside  my son. Then just holding it in my hand enjoying the feeling of his warm juicy cunt around my cock.

After a few minutes, Jimmy murmured, “Very good”. Took my hand that was stroking his firm chest and guided it to his cock, which was very hard. I kissed the back of his neck and bit his ear lobe while slowly. Sleeping on him and pulled his hard cock. His arms moved behind me and his hands grabbed my butt. He pulled me closer and said “put deeper into me”. I pushed forward as he pushed his ass back until the pub and my ball pressed against his ass cheek. And he still kept pushing it back. My son likes cock inside him and wants more.

 – I could feel it tightening the grip of his ass on my cock. As I slowly pulled back and then I pushed in as deep as possible. I felt my cock ready to start spurring another cum load into the cunt that was used well. I pushed all the way inside him and grip his cock tightly when my cum began to flood his ass. I felt a big cock swell and  cum  flew from the gap in his piss hole.

We went back to sleep with my cock still buried deep in his cunt. The next morning when I finished getting ready to work and eating breakfast. Jimmy came to the kitchen still naked. He walked towards me, put his arm around my neck. And gave me a deep kiss, our tongue playing with each other. I hugged him tightly and grabbed him cheek. “I wish I didn’t have to go to work,” I said. “I won’t be able to concentrate.”

He chuckled, “why not?” He pressed his hard body and lifted it before me, rubbing his cock over my hard package. At that moment I caught motion outside the kitchen window. I quickly turned around but there was nothing there – I must have imagined it, I thought.

“Well, tonight, Daddy, I think I should fuck you. You fuck me more than me now – just fair.”
“We’ll see Jimmy. It’s been a long time since I get fucked and it’s definitely not as big as yours. Now I have to go.” I kissed him and reluctantly headed to the car. My hard cock begging to be released from my tight work pants.

 – “Wait, what? Have you been fucked before?” He asked.
“I told you I played  with guys before,” I said.
“Yes, but you never said you get fucked.”
“Tell you tonight,” I said and ran out the door.

All day I kept thinking about Jimmy and how nice the cunt was around my cock. It didn’t help with him sending me pictures all day from his naked body and hard cock. I began to imagine how his cock felt inside me. One of the photos is the close-up of the hole with his fingers inside him. I almost cum in my pants when I saw the photo.

A following text that says. “Our neighbor has watched over us. I thought I might give him a show.” Oh shit, I thought, and quickly answered, “Jimmy careful. Not sure if it’s a good idea.” Surely that’s what I thought I saw from the kitchen window this morning. But if that’s true, he must be standing in his garden peering over the fence.

 -I ran home at 4 and when I opened the door there stood my beautiful, naked son. With his hard cock pointing straight out. “What a nice welcome scene,” I said and grabbed his cock. I pulled him towards me and gave him a passionate kiss. Our tongues wrestling with each other deep in each other’s mouths. My cock was hard and sore to release from my tight work pants. Billy’s hand found my package and he started rubbing and squeezing it in my pants. I was very aroused, my ass tremble when I thought I was having sex with his big hard cock.

“Go clean your  cunt Dad. I want to fuck you. Let’s give a good show to our neighbors.”
“Have you shown him?” I ask. “Yes, several times. He seems to enjoy it. Not sure but I think he is playing with his cock while watching me.”
“I think I saw him watching us in the kitchen this morning. Maybe I should tell him to come out.”

I ran up and showered to make sure I used a nozzle on and in my hole. When finished, I wrapped the towel around my waist and walked to the room. The curtains were wide open, and Jimmy lay naked on the bed playing slowly with his hard cock. “He’s there, dad. I think he also has binoculars. Come and suck my cock.” Supervised thoughts make me happy. I dropped a towel from my waist and walked slowly in front of the window. My hard cock bounced as I walked. I bent to kiss Jimmy’s soft lips, my hole pointing to the window.

 – Slowly I moved down his body, then moved a little. So that if the neighbors watched he could see me sinking Jimmy’s hard cock deep into my mouth. I play with the ball sack when I suck on the hard shaft. Up and down as much as possible his cock into my mouth.

“Careful dad, you will make me cum. I want to cum into your ass,” Jimmy said.
“I’m sure you will refill quickly,” I replied, but I stopped sucking his cock. “How do you want to fuck me?” I ask.
“The easiest for you is  if you sit above me. Then you control how many cock in… and how fast.”

I lubed my hole and pushed a few inside. Then generously lubricated his cock. I spread my legs over his body and felt the head towards my opening. I realized I wanted this…I wanted my son to fuck me. To fill me with his cock and to spur his cum load inside me. Slowly I pushed down until the knob head pierced my ass ring. Making love hurts but it feels good too. He gave me a bottle of popper and said, “inhale. Maybe it can help.” I took a few sniffs and could feel my butt hole relaxed. Jimmy’s cock glides inside me. It feels like the hard rod is splitting me open but fuck it tastes good.

 – Then I sat down fully to him, the ball and his cock stuck to my ass cheeks. And his big and hard cock inside me. I took a few more sniffs and then leaned forward and kissed Jimmy. My hole loosened so I started to ride his cock. The sting feels amazing, hot.

Jimmy pulled my ass cheek apart and lifted me slightly from his body. He began to fuck me with a long hard thump. I could feel every inch of his cock gliding inside me, about my prostate. My cock leaked a large amount of precum over Jimmy’s stomach. “Oh, damn, you’re good fucker,” I said. I hope the neighbors get a good view of this.

“Are you ready to be a really fucked dad?” Jimmy asked. I muttered, “mmm, please. Fuck your daddy’s cunt”. He lifted me from his cock and told me to lie on my back. With my  legs spread in the air. He held his big cock and guided it to my hole. A single slippery push and he returned to the deep. And began to fuck me like a real male.

The energy is unlimited. I just lay down and watched his face convulse. How his cock got into me, it was truly amazing and I wanted it to last forever.

Suddenly my cock started tingling and twitching. “You will make me cum Jimmy. Fuck me harder, fuck your father’s cunt.” Jimmy grabbed my cock when I started spraying first cum. Bursts of rope hitting my face and then on my body. That drives Jimmy to the edge. And with a hard fucking push I felt his cock erupt inside me, hot jism flowing into my guts. He leaned forward, licked my cum from my face and then kissed me passionately when his cock was lowered. I looked at the neighbor’s window and saw the curtain moving – our neighbors had seen it all. He had seen my son fuck his father.

We lay like that for a few minutes. Then I felt Jimmy’s  cock begin to soften and slide out of my ass. It came out and I let out a careless fart. We both giggled at that. “Sounds good,” he said. I could feel her semen starting to drip out of my hole so I clenched as hard as I could. I want my baby boy’s dough inside me as long as possible.

We hugged and kissed for a moment, just holding each other, as our cock began to hard again. “Now tell me, who did you sleep with before?” Jimmy asked. I looked into his eyes and said, “Your uncle Robin.”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



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