Gay Dad And Son Story 2

Gay Dad And Son Story 2

Gay Dad And Son Story 2

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Gay Dad And Son Story 2 – After we jerk each other’s cock, and then rested. Jimmy looked at me moving his body and face to my face and gently kissing my mouth. His tongue still tasted our cum, pushed my mouth back and forth. He is screwing my mouth with his tongue. My thoughts about what happened next flew out the window. When I held his cock that was still hard and thick.

I broke the kiss and looked down at his  cock. It’s very hot – at least it should be 7-8 inches. With a red bell that looks interesting after I pull the foreskin. The shaft is thick but not too thick so I can’t touch it. The dark blue vein pulsates along its axis. I don’t have much experience  the size of the cock, but I know this is a big cock. The pubic is shaved and the ball is a big low hanger. I ran my hand to the ball and cupped it, then rolled it in my hand.

I pulled his body over my body so that our cock rubbed each other. I am hard again which usually doesn’t happen to me once after cumming at my age. Jimmy’s body, and the cock really makes my juice flow. His hand on my shoulder when he was above me. I was free to move my hand to his back until I could feel the firm cheek of his ass. We kissed passionately while Jimmy humped his cock against mine.

 – “Dad I want to suck your cock” he said.
“I want to suck your dick too” I smiled. Jimmy turned his body. His penis was now inches from my face. I could smell the load of the cum before and knew. I  had to have his cock and cum in my mouth. I licked the head of his genitals and licked the gap in his piss hole. Then ran my tongue around the edge of his cock. His hot and wet mouth enveloped my hard cock that went berserk. Then I took his cock as far as possible in my mouth. Not doing that for a while I started vomiting and pulled back but.

Very tasty and runny. The fact that this is a man’s penis made him more aroused. Jimmy managed to get my cock in the ball of his mouth. He had obviously practiced sucking cock. He went up and down on my cock, his tongue licking the bottom of my cock’s head. I tried to put more hard cock into my mouth when he began to gently stick it into my mouth. He sucked my cock and fuck my face at the same time. I stroked her cheek and moved my finger up and down the gap. I forget how a man on man felt.

I moved my face from his cock and said “Jimmy I will cum if you don’t stop”. He slow the speed of sucking my cock. I felt my ball tickling and pulling up. And then my cock exploded with a load of hot water in Jimmy’s mouth. I wanted to taste his cum directly from his cock. And plunged his cock as far as I could into my mouth and started sucking back and forth.

 – In a few encouragement. Jimmy blew his juicy, sweet and thick boy into my mouth. I held it on my tongue when he fuck with my face and swallowed it. Jimmy turned around and laid on top of me again and kissed me with passion.

“You suck a cock before, right, Jimmy?” I ask. He nodded. “Where and who?”
“There is a park not far from where we live. Sometimes I go there. Usually there are some men who like me to suck it.”
“Is that all you done?” I ask.
“With a cock like mine, what do you think?”. He looked at  me and smiled.
“As long as you play safe.” He nodded. “But it’s okay? You’re mine now, Jimmy,” I said.
“I like that idea. But the same thing applies to you”. He kissed me again.

 – “And dad…I like a cock in my ass.”

I saw his cock hanging  softly. “I can fuck you,” I said. “But I’m not sure about you fuck me with that monster cock.”

Jimmy looked at me, smiled and winked. “I’ll fuck to you  father..and you’ll like it…and beg for it again.”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



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